Dangel | Advertising

1. Creativity is core.

More than moving markets, new ideas can move hearts and minds. Creativity that works at this level is powerful.

4. Simplicity is good.

Advertising that tries to do too much, be too much and say too much gets muddied.

2. Respect matters.

When advertisers speak respectfully, they are more likely to be respected by their audience.

5. Brands work from the inside out.

If a company doesn't know what it stands for at its center, then it will struggle to broadcast itself with clarity.

3. Be interesting.

Intriguing work is, well, it's intriguing. Most people appreciate humor, thoughtfulness and intelligence.

6. Build on solid ground.

Great creative is built on a solid understanding of a company's audience and offerings. Research can be a good thing.

Lynn Dangel is Principal and Creative Director at DANGEL, a creative studio specializing in brand strategy, advertising and corporate communications.